• Fiction

    Femme Fatale

    By Sara Hinojosa The female looked at herself in the glass, her green eyes stared blankly back at her the reflection. Tonight was the night. It had been a long time since she’d been on a date and the last one ended like it always did. Nothing ever lasted long. They’d always lose their head over one thing or another, but she was persistent. Pulling herself together, she drew a deep breath, took one last glance at herself and made her way out. The male sat on the far side of the crowded space, plants towered around him on every side and the others around him seemed to crawl around…

  • Poetry


    By Sara Hinojosa The trip to the border is punishing Months of blistering feet Scorching heat Deciding who I can trust Of all the new faces that change everyday Not sure where I’ll find my next meal Or where I’ll lay my head for restless sleep My grandparents have been leading the journey Since my mother was kidnapped But staying in Colombia means We all would die So I find myself in an endless cycle at the border Without a mother It’s all I can do to keep from wondering Is she safe Is she alive Is she suffering Court dates are months apart And it seems my chances are…

  • Five Sentence Love Stories


    The flames burn bright for at least a few weeks, never growing too large. It’s better this way. It stays vibrant through long nights and sunsets, a few too many and the hangovers the next morning. But it dims suddenly, an untimely demise. The cycle will start again, but thoughts of the old flame’s warmth will keep you from freezing in a bed that will always be just a little too big.

  • Five Sentence Love Stories


    By Paige Krichbaum It’s been a rough six months without you, Gus Gus. I’ve been building up the courage to give you a proper memorial, but it pains me to say goodbye. As I sit in this cold leather chair, I know I’ll never have to truly say those words. Tears trickling down my cheeks, I look down at the permanent paw print on my thigh, knowing there’s another one stitched upon my heart. Here’s to more adventures, baby boy.

  • Coffee Sleeve Stories

    So I’ve Joined the World of Online Dating…

    By Sara Hinojosa In the time it takes you to read this sentence, your body will have made over a million red blood cells.The human body holds 37.2 trillion cells, all with little worlds of their own within them, operating together for the sole purpose of keeping itself alive—only for its occupant to spend hours in front of a tiny screen, swiping left and right on pictures of perfect strangers.

  • Opinion

    A Divided Nation

    By Rose Gildersleeve Let’s bring back the Fairness Doctrine and while we’re at it, let’s talk policies, not party affiliations. With the two most recent presidential elections (2016 & 2020), I think most Americans agree that the United States is starkly divided. But the truth is that our nation has always been divided. Aside from our geography, social class, and diversity, looking back to Civil Rights, Women’s Suffrage, war protesting of Vietnam, gay rights and abortions, was there ever time when we weren’t starkly divided? We now have access to more information than ever before, from heavy leaning right or left wing news media, to misleading information being pumped out…

  • Coffee Sleeve Stories

    Daily Blather

    By Margo Gillis How abstruse it must be to be the wall I bounce my thoughts off of. It must take such self-control to sit and listen to the spiral leaving my mouth and flowing out into the world where it will be shortly forgotten to all but you. I think you’re the wall I bounce my thoughts off, but in reality, you’re the container I discard them into and promptly move on from. But meanwhile, you’re still there holding onto to all of my daily blather until you have no more room to contain it.

  • Coffee Sleeve Stories

    The Winter’s Melody

    By Olivia Reger A thousand lights upon the earth the snow falls deep and fey. I watch it close, my heart asleep, and let it set me free. Within the woods across the stream I see them dance and play. A memory once forgotten, now finds its way to me. A dream of mirth, a dream of myth, I dream a child’s lost day. A dream of winter magic, and a mark of childhood plea. I see the stars as they once came, a finger’s touch away, And wait to lift me patiently into their sky’s deep sea. For only there in the snowflake’s song will I be content to…

  • Coffee Sleeve Stories

    Three Words

    By Nora Miller “Are you suicidal?” I asked my son on Christmas Eve. “I think about it every day,” he said. “Tell me your plan. I am a mama bear and need to protect you.” “No. I’m not going to tell you, because you will then take it away.”  By asking that simple question, by having that conversation, and by acknowledging his mental health, my son got the care he needed. Two years later, there is light in his life and he seems to want a place in this world. I am breathing a little easier.