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    By Destiny B. Key Being within Alaska’s nature has always been my definition of “home”. I refuse to call any place “home” because I know my home is Alaska. It’s in the waterfalls off the side’s of the Seward Highway, it’s in Whittier at the Salmon Creek run, it’s in the view of the Sleeping Lady and it’s in the Matanuska Glacier. Immersing and submitting to Alaska’s flora, fauna and salmon filled cool waters always felt beautifully natural. It’s apart of me and it’s a part of who I am, even to this day, being far from the land I am most familiar with. 

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    The Poets & The Muses Too

    By Laura Ditto I’m chased into a waltz by Whitman,  while Wilde hounds my head.  Their words live on in memory,  even when they are long dead.    As I sit in stupor,  and writing wracks my brain,  I remember those who came before,  and begin to feel quite sane.    Sappho taught me how to love,  Poe showed me my grief,  Service gifted nature,  and they all gave me relief.    I live by words unspoken  and leave my own to pages.  Perhaps if someone finds them,  they too will live for ages.   If Homer told traditions,  and Shakespeare defined play,  then words create beginnings  that never shall decay. …

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    By joe Jimmy is the only man who genuinely believed I was a saint. He held me in as high regard as any man could. I knew Jimmy for what he was passionate and punishing. I never idolized the man but instead cherished him dearly as my brother. It is tough to say what our propensity for pain is, but Jimmy’s was deep and unrelenting. He was as unforgiving of self as any man could be and this, this is how I will remember him. Let it go, brother. Let it go. 

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    Snow Poem

    By Pansy Alakayak Thank you snow, evolving is your presence,  You and Mother Earth – what an essence.  Snowflake and Snowshoe, wholly and true  Hoarfrost on elders heads, oh yes they grew.  Ancient dog musher and snowmachines too,  What would they do without you!  Climate change ravage, affecting all of you.  Please don’t leave us, forever be true!  Snow forever, you are pure and white.  Please continue to come in your time.  You are amazing and beautiful,  In your everlasting time. 

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    Morning Affirmations

    By WILD THYME Thanks for continually providing me and my loved ones with positive opportunities, experiences, and connections that bring us love, light, happiness, guilt-free monetary abundance, and success in our endeavors endlessly and effortlessly with ease and grace. I am grateful for the blessings that I continually receive. I bring love, light, and happiness to all that I encounter. I am love. I am loved. I am safe. I am powerful. 

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    Mr. Big Belly

    By Olivia D Lovrich The big-bellied creature flew high above the sea He flaunted every feature; he swam so carefree. He twirled and dove down; his old rival did the same. Both deserving of the crown, both yearning for the fame. But who would win this impressive show? The entire pod observing, waiting for the blow, Mr. Big Belly fought to flaunt till the end. He won every battle… and gained a new girlfriend.

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    The Locked Room

    By Harry M Kachline The walls were covered in faded guilt, The curtains a grey shade of doubt, While the corners had collected shards of spent lives, Crusted with shattered dreams. No one goes in there anymore.

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    By Deb Codding Life’s journey and the path followed is a rhythmical series of comings, goings, decline and regrowth–changing the landscape continuously, much like the ebb and flow of the tides. While it rarely turns out the way we expect, it always turns out the way it should when we pay attention and learn from the lessons encountered along the way.

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    Alaskan October

    By Destiny B Key It’s a month full of transitions in many ways. Leaves are still lingering, the fiscal year is just starting, the snow is falling but it’s hesitant to stick. Bears are still out but preparing for a winter hibernation. Halloween is around the corner, where little ghosts, witches, and goblins are going house to house for a treat or two. The outfits you see are some concoction of a cozy sweater, pair of Xtratufs and a matching beanie. It’s a mixture of cold and warm outside, cold but not cold enough. It’s a mystery, one that comes once a year.