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The Unrelenting Slog

By Paul Twardock

During a marathon, a wilderness adventure race, a school semester, or a rocky point in life there comes a point of desperation. Imagine skiing though woods covered in frost hour after hour. The sun rises, then it sets. The moon shines, then dims. Northern Lights come and go. Owls hoot in the distance. At first it’s exhilarating, then it’s boring, then the legs hurt, the mind rebels, the stomach wants fuel. The finish is unimaginable, too far away to see, as is the start. This is the zone of the slog: one step at a time.  Decide to persevere and the finish will be yours.

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  • Harrison

    My favorite part about this piece is how it applies something like skiing to quite literally everything. There is not a single activity or struggle that the word slog cannot be applied to, and what’s great about the piece is that it lets you know this without even having to tell you. I think it resonates especially with college students like me. The Slog is such an integral part of this scary and confusing chapter of our lives. Despite this, the piece has the subtle indication of hope. That this “Slog” is a temporary roadblock that passes with time.

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