Sunday , 26 February 2017
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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a forum for student expression, to showcase student work, and to inform the APU community of local events.  The Turnagain Currents was created in hopes that through efficient communication, this publication will strive to further self-expression and to create a cohesive and informed community.

Editorial Policy

The editors of the Turnagain Currents reserve the right to make any and all decisions and editorial changes on content (with final decisions belonging to the editor-in-chief.) Any  content containing slander, libel, or any thing that could be considered detrimental to the image of Alaska Pacific University will be edited or not published. Assigned articles and photographs will take precedence over freelance material. The Currents will strive for balanced coverage of campus life, but realizes the limitations imposed by student life, deadlines and the availability of reporters, photographers and sources. Suggestions concerning The Currents’ content, format, story ideas or general improvements are welcomed from faculty, administrators and students.

Submitting Material

All material may be submitted at any time to the Currents via email, the editors will give you feedback as soon as they can. The Turnagain Currents email address is

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