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    Art of APU

    APU is home to many talented artists, and the Turnagain Currents will begin featuring the work of anyone who is interested in sharing their work with the APU community! This post features the work of Sophie Otto, Garrett Okonek, and Paula Cerda. If you would like to contribute your art or any other content for the website, get in touch with us at turnagaincurrents@alaskapacific.edu. [divider]

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    We are the… What are we?

    by Paula Cerda A week ago, the APU students received an electronic survey aimed at identifying our university mascot. This brought back memory of a similar discussion that occurred in 2012, but unfortunately no clear conclusions were drawn that year. The Turnagain Currents reached out to Amber Peterson, ASAPU Chair, and asked her a few questions about the renewed discussion and what we can look forward to in the search for the APU mascot. Turnagain Currents: ¬†How did the APU Mascot debate of 2014 begin? Amber Peterson: ASAPU has discussed trying to figure out what APU’s mascot was for as long as I have been here (2012), and this year…

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    Dr. Strangevote or: How I Learned to Stop Listening and Hate the Blurb

    by Evan Nasse Election season is here, and appropriately it is coinciding with cold and flu season as well. Much like a cold, the political advertisements have made many of us sick to our stomachs and assaulted nearly all of the senses save for taste (only because so many of the advertisements tasteless by nature). Having been a registered voter for quite some time and participating in the civic duty that is the democratic process as often as I remember to, I have been exposed to a fair share of campaign commercials, radio advertisements, tacky billboards, excessive fliers, stupid¬†stickers, pedestrian promoters, political platform cereal brands, presidentially endorsed bottled waters, and…